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LVL Beams

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is manufactured from thin sheets of selected wood veneers structurally bonded together to make beams that can span greater distances and support heavier loads than ordinary lumber beams.  Multiple plys can be assembled on site to reduce the heavy lifting associated with solid beams.  The technology of fabricating LVL beams makes them very stable and resistant to bowing, warping, splitting and shrinking.

Timberstrand beams (LSL) are a cost effective alternative to LVL beams. LSL is manufactured in Canada and in many instances our truss plant is able to pass along significant saving by using LSL material. In fact, upwards of 75% of all residential homes could replace all LVL with LSL material, saving approximately 15% per replaced beam. If you have questions regarding LSL please contact us.


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