Roof Trusses

Our pre-engineered roof trusses are custom designed to your specifications. We will tailor our designs to suit your requirements regardless the scope of your project – commercial, agricultural, residential, renovation or addition. We maintain a stock of common house and garage trusses as well as shed hoops to facilitate quick and efficient service to provide trusses when you want them. The quality control system instituted mandates 2x4 lumber as the minimum size used in our trusses and ensures a top notch product will be delivered to your site. We also fabricate using special lumber applications for projects requiring fire or pressure treated products.   


Glued-laminated timber (Glulam) is a structural timber product consisting of individual pieces of lumber glued together. These pieces are end jointed and arranged in horizontal layers. Glulam is used for beams and columns and is often left exposed as an architectural feature and can be manufactured into virtually any straight or curved configuration.


Handling of Wood Trusses